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Yes, that is possible. Please take a look at the following page for more information: Dedicated Server Hardware. Yes, you can configure one of our standard images with your own partition scheme and RAID level. This is possible via our installimagewhich can be started in the Rescue System.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the particular OS you want will work, as we have not tested all OS possibilities. Once the server is online you will get an email from us informing you of this you can order a KVM Console remote console. If you already have a server, then you can order a KVM Console right away. We don't offer FreeBSD as a pre-installation option, but it is possible for you to install it yourself at any time once the server is online.

You can do this by selecting your server in Robotand then going to the "Rescue" tab. Here you can select a few different minimal Operating Systems to boot into.

You can pay for the server via a credit card or paypal. Yes, you can order additional IP addresses. Yes, we offer a backup space. More information on the backup space can be found on the Backup space page. Yes, it is possible to connect multiple dedicated servers together in a Gbit LAN. To connect servers they have to be located in the same rack. With option 2 and 3: if a server is moved it will lose all current IPs. If it had a subnet a new subnet will need to be ordered via the Robot.

Please note that subnets are only allocated during normal office hours Mo-Fr Please find a price list for additional network equipment here:. Please send a support request to our product advice department via the Robot to ask about the specifics of this, as it is not possible with all server types.

If you cancel a server, that is already located in a your LAN, then we will assign that free rack spot to another client's server. If you want to keep that rack spot, then please get in contact with us, before the cancallation date is reached. The servers can communicate with each other via their public IP addresses. Traffic is internal and is thus free.

Alternatively, we can connect them together as stated above under the question "Can multiple servers be connected together in a dedicated Gbit LAN? That is not possible, due to security reasons.

Only colocation clients have access to our colocation data centers. You can configure your own nameserver s or you can use the Hetzner standard nameservers. Prices plus VAT, if applicable. Hetzner - DokuWiki. Links auf diese Seite Spezialseiten Druckversion.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Can I add drives or change the default drives?If you need or want to manage your own VPS on a dedicated server and you are in Europe, Hetzner has some very good prices on dedicated servers. Here are the steps to setup KVM on the Ubuntu host machine then create the Virtual Machines and customize the network connection to be able to access the internet.

So you have the dedicated IP lets say ddd. Of course, before anything you should first secure the server. Things are quite easy here. We are going to install the first machine using the virt-install command. There are a lot of setting you can choose with virt-install, but we are going to make the minimal settings to have an Ubuntu based VPS.

If everything goes well the VM console should appear and you should install Ubuntu with the desired settings.


Open another console on the host machine and check if the VM is running using the following command:. There are a few things to do.

This will actually open the configuration XML file for editing. Changing the host network connection Open the network connection file on the host machine:. January 3, August 11, January 2, July 28, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. May 13, Coding tutorials.Would you like to install Windows on a ' Hetzner ' server from Germany?

In the following I will explain how it works and what issues you can get.

Proxmox installation on Hetzner Dedicated Server greek sub

It took me over 10 hours or trial and error, but finally I got the correct way to do it! Perhabs when I order another server I will make a nice video of it! Welcome to this tutorial of how to install any windows to a dedicated server. I will explain now simply how to install any Windows you want to this dedicated server! Took me over 10 hours with trial and error, but I hope you can do it within 60 minutes!

Login to Hetzner with your credentials in the email from Hetzner! Go to 'Robot'. You will see a message with a code on the end, copy that code to a. You need this for the installation at PuTTY!!!!! Go to 'Reset'. First we create a connection! Check any Windows version you want to use! So now you have all the downloaded software ready and installed for use! You tested the ping, and it receives packages? Open PuTTY. Fill in 'Root' Copy the Password what you got from the 'Rescue' You should have saved the password in a.

If everything is alright, it will start to download now the Windows to the Hetzner Server. The filenames should be exactly the same! Install Windows like normal! If your drives are GTP follow this advice! Creative Dutch Lion Design wilt voor iedereen een betaalbare oplossing vinden om online bezoekbaar te zijn!

hetzner dedicated

Door onze ervaringen en dagelijkse designen zijn we experts in de wereld van design, beveiliging en IT. Hierin geven we aan wat er verbeterd kan worden aan jouw website, zodat je weer snel vindbaar bent op de bekende zoekmachines! Je kan ook kiezen voor een uitgebreide analyse! Deze analyse wordt HIER beschreven! Waarom upgraden?

Microsoft heeft helaas besloten Windows 7 niet meer Lees meer Website analyse? Waarom dan? Een professionele analyse van je We zijn weer flink bezig geweest deze week!

Alle Androids die we Review verzenden. Login Inloggen.Hetzner offers a remote console which can be attached to any dedicated server. It is useful for troubleshooting a server, especially in cases where SSH can't be used. The boot menu can be accessed and network configuration errors can be fixed. The console has virtual media support, so it can be used to install a custom Operating System by mounting an ISO file.

The remote consoles are called "KVM Console". This term comes from the name of the original remote consoles that were offered. While they have since been upgraded by more modern solutions, the name has been kept. A KVM Console is free for 3 hours. To do so, login to the Robot, go to "Servers", select your server and click tab "Support".

You will see support form. You can then select an appointment for when you want it, and for how long you want it.

This URL can simply be clicked on, or you can copy and paste it into your browser. You will then see the following screen:. Once you have logged in with the login details mentioned in the email you will see the following screen:. A dialog box will pop-up asking what you want to do with the file "spider. Once the Java applet has initialized the console should open and you will see the screen output of the server, as though you were sitting right in front of the server itself.

This can be changed under the menu item "Options" by going to "Local Keyboard". There you need to select the correct keyboard layout of the keyboard you are using. This can be used to restart the server, or to login to Windows.

You can choose to have the console fill your screen if you want. Please note that if you want to install one of the standard Linux Operating Systems we offer then this can be done automatically via Robotunder the "Linux" tab of the server, or manually via our installimage or VNC installation.

To access the virtual media interface please click on the "Interfaces" tab and then go to the "Virtual Media" link. Here you can enter the details of the location of the ISO file.

The following examples use the internal mirror, though a link to the external mirror is also mentioned. This link can be used to check the exact file names of the Operating System images. These Windows images are straight from Microsoft and don't include any changes from us. They do not come with a license, and can thus be used to install a clean Windows on the server, which can then be activated with your own license key.

The ISO file doesn't have to be hosted by us. If the options mentioned above for mounting an ISO file don't work or take too long, then there is always the possibility of having our technicians "burn" the image onto a USB stick or DVD and attaching that to the server along with the KVM Console.

Please send our technicians a link to the ISO file you have. When booting the server, please enter the boot menu. On most motherboards this can be done by pressing F11 during boot. Please note that some motherboards require a different function key, like F6, to enter the boot menu, so please keep an eye out for the appropriate prompt.Hetzner offers many types of dedicated servers at very attractive prices and — astonishingly — good support.

This article lists some issues we encountered while installing Windows Server on the EX62 and AX servers and how we worked around them. Reading the earlier article is highly recommended. Unfortunately, Hetzner does not publish the mainboard types they use for their custom builds. To make planning easier for others here are the boards we saw in our machines:. I have described the process in detail in my earlier article.

Let me make this quick: the second variant works much better. Install the chipset driver from MSI. Once that is done, there remain three unknown devices in Device Manager.

For each of those, opt to install a driver manually and point the OS wizard to the extracted chipset driver you downloaded in the previous step.

hetzner dedicated

The Gigabyte driver cannot be installed because it is blocked on server versions of Windows. Nevertheless, download and extract it. Then proceed as follows:. Helge applied his extensive knowledge in IT infrastructure projects and architected the user profile management product whose successor is now available as Citrix Profile Management.

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Unfortunately, they reverted that planned change.Our Robot web interface offers numerous features for managing a server, including setting up rDNS entries, activating backup space and sending verified support requests. A full overview can be found on the following wiki page: Robot. The hardware specifications for our current server models can be found on our website: hetzner.

For SB auction servers, there is a "Hardware" tab for the server in the Robot web interface that shows the basic hardware specifications. For older servers models, please see the following page in our wiki: Hardware Configuration. We offer drive and RAM upgrades for certain models. Please take a look at the following wiki page for more information: Hardware Upgrades.

The client is responsible for monitoring the hardware.

Hetzner - DokuWiki

We offer a system monitoring tool that can be activated in the Robot. More information can be found on the following wiki page: System Monitor. If the server has been optionally equipped with a hardware RAID controller, please see the wiki for more information on how to set up and monitor this controller: RAID.

If a hardware component fails, our DC technicians can be contacted via the Robot and the faulty component replaced for free. We can pre-install one of the operating systems mentioned on the following page: Standard Images. It is possible to reinstall the server with any of those operating systems at any time. This can be done automatically via the "Linux" tab of the server in the Robotor manually via our installimage script.

hetzner dedicated

We offer licenses for Plesk and cPanelwhich can be pre-installed with certain operating systems. Alternatively, these can be installed by clients themselves and the license key requested from us. More information regarding this and for monitoring traffic usage, can be found on the following wiki page: Traffic. Should additional IP addresses be required, please take a look at the following page in our wiki for the options: IP Adresses.

In order to process your support enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible, please send your requests directly via the Robot administration interface. Our goal is to answer your support requests about technical matters within two hours. Please note, however, that this goal is not legally-binding, and therefore does not represent any contractual agreement. This 2-hour goal is merely a guideline based on our experience, but it is one that we strive to uphold.

To contact us via telephone, please check our website for the appropriate number: hetzner. Hetzner - DokuWiki.The Dell PowerEdge R That CPU has 32 cores and 64 threads.

What improvements has AMD made to this generation? One of the impressive things about this CPU is that is the first 7nm x86 processor. They've been innovating to reduce structural latency.

The developers have taken these innovations and really made the most of them to maximize the price-to-performance ratio. How do you mean? Well, in the past, to get the kind of performance from a server like this, you would need to have two sockets. And even though it's got just the one socket, it's able to power through data-center-level workloads, but at a lower overall price.

And here's one final bonus: since the efficiency of each core and processor has improved, you'll use fewer of them, and need to use fewer software licenses. Altogether, that means that customers can increase the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and save a lot of money.

What use cases are ideal for the DX? They're great for large-scale virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, and network functions virtualization.

So they're great for any use cases where you need multi-threaded processing - virtualization, Big Data, AI, rendering, and many others. You mentioned memory earlier. What options do customers have for the DX? You can select your preferred type of storage that is best for your specific use case. You can add up to 10 drives to the base configuration. You can increase this up to a maximum of GB using 32 GB increments. What about security? What's special about the DX? Many customers use software that requires or at least recommends a certified brand name system.

The Dell R is such a system and enables them to receive support for such software from commercial third party vendors. This includes a repository manager, update packages, and embedded management with iDRAC 9. What about the price?

You can use our Configurator to see the price for your ideal configuration. Show all Show all February 4 March 3 April 2. August 1 November 1 December 3.