Most sweetest zodiac sign

If you look to astrology and to a person's horoscope it can help you understand why they are the way they are — so if you're wondering why that one chick is a total mean girl while the guy that hangs out with her is the nicest guy ever, look to their zodiac signs for answers. But when people try to take advantage of my nicenessthen it all goes away, never to be seen by that person again.

People can be described as nice for a lot of different reasons, just like they can be called mean for a lot of reasons. It all depends on your horoscopetoo. Some zodiac signs are just more apt to being on one side of the scale than the other, passed on their astrological personality. And who knows?

Libra is the nicest sign you will ever meet because she makes the most effort to be nice. She is a total peacemaker, which means that if she notices any sign of discord between her and friends, friends and friends, or her and strangers, she will do everything in her power to right things —no matter what that means. She sometimes goes out of her way just to make someone happy, even if it means putting her own feelings aside.

Pisces is also non-combative. Taurus is naturally a very sensitive person who knows how to express her feelings when she feels them, rather than bottle them up. This makes it so much easier for her to let things go and focus on things that make her happy.

And what makes her happiest? Being an easy-going, nice, overall positive person. Yes, she might do these other things, too, but her main goal is just to make friends. She likes learning what makes you, you because she knows that people are more open to being friends if they can talk about themselves. She does her own thing in life and if you want to hang around her, you need to vibe on her level. That means no bad-mouthing people, no talking about things you hate, and absolutely no getting caught up in petty stuff.

It might seem like Sagittarius is just avoiding the inevitable with this life rules, but in reality, she is just not interested, simple as that. Gemini can either be very nice or very mean, all depending on what kind of mood you catch her in.

When Gemini is at her meanest, she can be very confrontational. Cancer can be super nice, but she does often let her moodiness get in the way of her generally kind personality. One thing you will almost never experience with a Cancer is bitchiness or a downright mean attitude. She can be temperamental, but she does try to be nice.

Leo may be forgiving and compassionate, but one thing she is not is harmless.

most sweetest zodiac sign

Try taking advantage of her or picking a fight with her and you will lose every single time. To Virgo, being nice is all about letting go and relaxing enough to not let the little things get to you. And unfortunately, she is way too tightly-wound to be able to do that for long periods of time.

Passive-Aggressive Person. Aries knows that she can be mean, but she likes to think of it as assertiveness instead —mean just sounds so… mean. On the other hand, Capricorn can have a very fiery temper. So much so that she can even be described as rageful. She knows it too and will often let you see bits and pieces of her full attitude problem before she unleashes it to warn you — and give you a chance to right.Does your horoscope sign make the list? When it comes to the zodiac sign best qualitiesevery sign has something completely different to offer.

Certain star signs are kind and others are downright mean! Astrology is a great tool and really is useful in analyzing traits. Curious about ?

Which zodiac sign do you think is the sweetest and the meanest?

Read your horoscope and Numerology for complete insight into your year. Gemini is said to have a split personality and can flutter between being astonishingly sweet and crazy ruthless. Writing Gemini off as a soft touch would be a huge mistake because these guys no how to handle themselves.

Gemini horoscope reveals what you must know. Cancer horoscope reveals the best secrets ever! If you want our advice, this is one zodiac sign not to mess with! Read the Virgo horoscope for exciting information. Sugar, spice and everything nice seems to describe the Libra personality just about right. Libra horoscope gives you the insight you need. Sagittarius is without doubt one of the most laid-back zodiac signsbut if people push their buttons there will be hell to pay.

Sagittarius does their best to stay cool in every situation but the rage inside them tends to boil up and can at times explode. Sagittarius horoscope gives you complete astro forecast. I am a double gemini male with Scorpio Rising and i Will always try to help peopleespecially the weaker ones.

I often go with the flow because we gemini,s are not stupid and we know that you can achieve more in life with honey then you can with vinagre. But i know for sure that we are the darkest of zodiac inside.

Like Scorpiocapricornvirgo and sometimes Aries. They want to look dark and they choose to be dark. A thrue gemini gives off a bright energy at first glance but if you get to know them a bit better you Will meet Parra of their dark twin while the above mentionedare the other way around.

This Is The Cutest Thing About Each Zodiac Sign

But is in fact a dark and serious bi polar person. While Scorpiocapricorn and virgo try to give off a serious dark and stable temperament while inside they are friendlyinsecurelight and brighter them you expect. Off all zodiacs gemini has the winner mentality they need to winwhile other powerfull zodiacs want to have control.

With or without controlThe actual winning at the end is extremely important to a gemini and they Will win. Even tough my ascendant is Scorpio Risingso i may appear a little more serious then a average geminimy sun is in gemini and my moon too so i think i am a pretty pure gemini soul.

We hate it when someone thinks they are smarter or stronger then us. It sounds arrogant but we are like that. Off course there are smarter people out there and stronger too. We think we can do it all at easy without learning and finally we see other people reach goals while we are still walking urban for just a sandwich. That is our problem. We geminians need to learn to focus to bring up our fullest potentials because we have skill,s and talents.From experience I think that Cancers are the sweetest of all Zodiac signs.

I observe Cancers to be very sincere,generous,romantic,smart,and sensitive to others. I think that Leo's are the meanest of all Zodiac signs. I know a lot of Leo's and from what I observe they tend to be very rude,loud,selfish,short-tempered,blunt,arrogant,and show-offs. I think Cancers only seem sweet because they're water signs.

But water signs always have some hidden motive; take it from a Scorpio who knows about ten other water signs, lol. So, when it comes to first impression, yes. Cancers are the sweetest, but they always expect the same nurturing and patience they give you in return. I can't always give that, then things get awkward.

I don't think Leos mean to be mean, lol. I think they're like Aries; they just say what's on their mind. It's honesty; not rudeness. They're actually very generous people who just happen to be a little guarded. And rightly so; if people knew how nice a Leo actually was, I think they'd take advantage of that.

So, I'm going to have to say that Aquarius are the true "sweetest" sign of the zodiac. They're unselfish humanitarians that go unnoticed in what they do because of their reserved nature. And the meanest would probably be Scorpio, just because they're so manipulative, dishonest, and dark. When they strike, it's under the radar.

Unlike Leos, who are just being honest with the way they feel. I guess it comes down to whether or not you want to see the knife before it stabs you in the back, lol. With a Leo, you'd see it. With a Scorpio, you wouldn't. That's not how astrology works. The "zodiac sign" is actually the Sun sign There are 9 other "planets" in your birth chart, but the Sun sign is the only one you can easily find, requiring only the month and day of birth.

Zodiac sign astrology is not accurate and does not give good results, except to provide a regular paycheck for those people who write about Sun signs. So the Sun sign zodiac sign is only a small part of the entire picture. You cannot tell what a puzzle looks like if you have only one piece, and the same is true with the Sun sign. Also, the birth chart is only an influence. It doesn't not control you. In the case of someone who is nice and sweet, this is usually the result of a conjunct, sextile or trine aspect involving Sun with Jupiter or Venus, or Moon with Jupiter or Venus, or a strong angular well-aspected Venus in the chart.

Doesn't matter what the signs are. However, even with these nice aspects, if they are in a bad mood, they can be mean and rude. Astrology does a very poor job of explaining outer behavior. The chart indicates our inner needs only, and the person always has the final say in their outer behavior, if they wish to. I believe that cancer is the sweetest cause yes I'm cancer and many say I'm very sweet and loving because I'm always there for other people. Meanest : Aquarius when we are pissed.

Physically if need be. We have the most intelligent minds, we are strategists. With the most intelligent mind, we can take you to Heaven, or hell.They're not faking it, they're genuinely caring.

most sweetest zodiac sign

Well, our signs influence who we are, how we act, and how we think of ourselves in relation to others, so why wouldn't they have something to do with how sweet we are? It may not seem like being sweet is a very good characteristic to have, but it is.

One of the major things about sweet people is how caring they are to others and how they demonstrate their concern for other people in their actions. Pisces are sweet because they're thoughtful, caring, and empathetic. They have a great capacity for thoughtfulness and because they're intuitivethey instinctively know what people need. It takes a lot for Pisces to give up on someone.

No matter what, Pisces always has your back. Cancers always take an interest in other people's lives and are always happy to listen to a loved one when they need to get something off their chest.

Cancers don't just say that they're caring, they prove it by the way that they show concern for other people. If someone seems upset but isn't forthcoming with the reasons why, a Cancer individual will coax it out of them and try to figure out a way they can help them. Libras are sweet in the way that they're extremely generous and giving. If a friend's car breaks down, Libra will come pick them up and help the car get towed. If the friend is short on cash, Libra will help them out with money.

If there's a sudden rainstorm, Libras will give someone their jacket, figuring that they need it more than Libra does. Libras donate to charity, especially if it's connected to someone they care about, and they tend to do volunteer work as well.

Sagittarians are sweet in the way they seem to know exactly what to say to brighten someone's day. They don't believe that someone's success takes away from their own, so if someone is having more success than Sagittarius, they will still wholeheartedly congratulate them.

If they like something you're wearing or something you've done, they will praise you for it. Sagittarians know how to strike a balance so that they don't compliment too often, or it would come off as fake.

They compliment just enough so that it's meaningful for the person receiving it. Some Capricorns seem too serious and driven to be sweet, but they're actually one of the sweetest of the zodiac signs. Capricorns are always the first to offer to help someone or take over a task that is a burden to someone else. They're very thoughtful, kind, and patient.

Capricorns don't push people or rush them for their own needs, they let people go at their own pace and they try to encourage and support them. A Capricorn is always ready to help someone out, and when they do, they generally don't ask for anything in return.

Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: getty. Christine Schoenwald. ZodiacSelf August 3, Like a kid discovering the worldGeminis are fascinated by everything around them and anyone close to them can see this. They love learning and exchanging ideas with everyone and anyone, a trait which is pretty damn adorable.

Leo is notorious for being the most attention-demanding zodiac sign and being self-conceited but people too easily overlook how much care and lov e they have for family and friends. This is one of the most loyal zodiac signsso Leos never forget those they care for.

This highly intelligent zodiac sign is very perceptive and uses the information they gather to help you. Libras are always ready, even keento put the needs of others before their own. From their perspective, y our happiness is their happiness. When a Scorpio is happy in a relationship, very little can bring down their mood.

5 Adorable Zodiac Signs Who Make Everyone Smile

This level of dedication translates to loyalty with friends and familywho appreciate and adore this part of their personality. It is their unparalleled level of care which is their cutest trait.

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Slideshow continues on the next slide. Leo Your loving side Leo is notorious for being the most attention-demanding zodiac sign and being self-conceited but people too easily overlook how much care and lov e they have for family and friends. Libra Selflessness Libras are always ready, even keento put the needs of others before their own.

Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories.Each zodiac sign is different and some seem way sweeter and kinder than others right off the bat. Being regarded as a sweet person is a beautiful thing, but on the flipside being kind can lead people to perceive you as weak. Discover the 5 sweetest zodiac signs with a dark side. Does your horoscope sign make the list?

most sweetest zodiac sign

Certain star signs are kind and others are downright mean! Astrology is a great tool and really is useful in analyzing traits. Curious about ? Writing Gemini off as a soft touch would be a huge mistake because these guys no how to handle themselves. Gemini Man Flirts.

Cancer horoscope reveals the best secrets ever! If you want our advice, this is one zodiac sign not to mess with! H ere are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo. How to get a Libra Man fall for you. Sagittarius does their best to stay cool in every situation but the rage inside them tends to boil up and can at times explode.

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Share this: Tweet. You may also like. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.When it comes to giving and receiving love, how affectionate you are might have something to do with your zodiac sign. While some signs enjoy date nights, hand holding, and cuddling for hours on end, others tend to hold back a little. And since we're talking about astrological signs, this has everything to do with personality, as well as inherent strengths and weaknesses.

And the ones that really seem to have the affection thing down tend to be that way due to their ruling planet. While the zodiac signs listed below are natural born lovers, that doesn't mean other signs can't get in on the action.

Once you find a partner who jives with you romanticallythe two of you can share the love in a way that suits you both. But if you happen to be someone who craves affection, in every sense of the word, these are the four signs to look out for since they'll likely be all about it, too.

Out of all the signs, Taurus is often described as the most sensual. So really, if anyone's going to sprinkle rose petals on a bed while pouring you a glass of champagne, it'll be a Taurus. Their high level of sensuality can come in particular handy if you want to score some prime cuddling time.

But it can make for quite the spicy sex life, too. The sign that takes the cake when it comes to affection, however, is Leo. They're affectionate in every sense of the word.

And they'll definitely show it by holding your hand, doling out hugs, and snuggling every chance they get. But remember, Leo likes to receive affection, too. So if you're dating a Leo, or want to win one over, give them all the attention they crave.

They'll really appreciate it. Libra may take a minute to choose a partner, but once they do, they'll be super affectionate. They also tend to make a great partner, in the sense that they'll allow you to be you, and will always appreciate who you are. But be forewarned If you're a Pisces, or happen to be dating one, then you already know this sign is all about compassion.

So if anyone is going to "get" you, it'll be a Pisces. They're also all about reciprocity, when it comes to love. And that can make for a very equal and loving relationship. This is a sign that will truly love you unconditionally. Keep in mind, though, that love can happen for anyoneregardless of their sign being one that's known for affection, or not.

But when it comes to scoring yourself a cuddler, or someone who will write a love note, these are the four that'll likely dish it out in spades. Taurus April 20 - May Leo July 23 - August Libra September 23 - October Pisces February 19 - March