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Last Updated on February 9th, Users include people who frequent shooting ranges, people who hunt often and people engaged in combat training exercises. Read on for a more detailed comparison.

swatcom vs comtac

These features include hearing protection noise reduction ratingamplification of soft sounds, ease of use, comfort and other features. These muffs fall under electronic hearing protection with noise-reducing mics and communication capabilities. Noise protection is one of the most important features to consider when choosing hearing protection.

However, the Sordin can compress sounds up to 82dB and some reviewers of the product have stated that the product does a good job of protecting hearing. The 18dB NRR may in fact be a worst case average. The seal is very good even when wearing eye protection.

MSA Sorden Pro-x vs Peltor Comtac III W/O comms

The volume can be lowered so that all sounds or suppressed or increased so that low volume sounds are amplified. With amplification, the user can more easily hear footsteps and people talking. Ease of use and comfort is another important factor when comparing Sordin vs Comtacespecially for users that will be wearing these on their heads for a long period of time.

People that are hunting or doing military training exercises will want something that is comfortable over a longer period of time. The sizing of the head piece is designed to be adjustable so that it can fit different users. The ear cup was also designed to provide a better fit. COMTAC offers gel cushions designed to improve the comfort of wearing the device over a long period of time.

The fit is adjustable for different users. The MSA Sordins come with comfortable ear seals equipped. Gel covers fit well around safety glasses for those who use them and are more comfortable than the foam cups that come with other hearing protectors.

The batteries can be easily installed and can last as long as hours. The slim and foldable design makes it easy to carry around. When comparing Peltor vs MSA, both of these hearing protection devices have positive ratings for ease of use and comfort as one would expect for a higher priced product.

While hearing protection is important, another really important aspect of a good hearing protector is the ability to hear conversation and softer sounds. The boom microphone can be easily removed if it is not needed. Clipping can cut off the parts of the conversation, so compression provides an improvement of overall sound quality and makes speech easier to understand. Talk-through technology allows safe audio to go through while still protecting from harmful loud noises.

The microphone uses advanced digital circuitry to filter out loud sounds while allowing safe sounds to get through. Loud sounds are compressed to a safe decibel level while weak sounds are amplified so that they can be more easily heard.

The MSA Sordin comes with comfortable ear seals and can amplify safe sounds up to 4 times. When comparing the less expensive Peltor Tactical Sport vs MSA Sordin, the Sordin does a noticeably better job of amplifying weak sounds and transmitting conversation without clipping. The MSA Sordin also comes with a 5-year guarantee on electronics. Generally, when comparing pricing between the Peltor Comtac III vs MSA Sordin, the Sordin is usually more affordable and typically the more popular choice for ear protection among casual gun users.New customer?

Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. Although, they both have a similar look and many of the features are the same, the upgraded features of the ComTac VI have given advanced improvements to the headset. The new headset was given technical advances that are specifically designed for warfighters and law enforcement professionals.

However, the 3M Peltor ComTac VI has many new state of the art features that will clearly enhance the modern warfighters critical communications. The ComTac VI has new omnidirectional microphones and speakers that improve the overall sound quality of the headset.

The sound in the VI has a more natural and clear sound designed especially for military combat operations in loud environments.

The environmental listening feature allows external audio to come through the headset at a safe decibel. A microphone on the outside of the headset can sense if the noise level is above the desired threshold and compresses the sound to a safe level.

This is essential for warfighters where situational awareness is key. The ComTac VI also picks up sounds and transmits them more clearly and accurately.

Environmental listening is especially important for warfighters because sound detection, sound identification, sound localization and speech communication are all important audio components necessary for efficiency and safety. The ComTac III has the same environmental listening as the VI, that allows for situational awareness and verbal face to face conversation.

Both headsets have single and dual COMM configuration made available. In more recent versions you were only able to increase or decrease the volume. This new MAP function provides listening modes that enhance the audio in 5 conditions. This limits the sound of footsteps, grass or moving equipment on a person. This also lowers outside frequencies outside of the average speech volume. This is good for when environmental listening is not a priority and communication and comfort is.

This profile has low volume and narrow frequencies. This allows the headsets to connect automatically when your teammates are within a m radius and when background noise is detected at a high level 72 decibels or above. This new technology allows you to listen at any given time allowing 4 team members and 60 people able to listen at a time.

The battery life is noticeably different between the two though. This difference in battery life could be that there are more features in the newest headset as opposed to the later versions, that require more power.

On the plus side, in both versions, external communication and environmental listening are fail-safe so in an event of an electronic failure, they will still both be operable. They usually range from The design of the ear cup in the VI has changed to ensure it is compatible with warfighter systems. The headset cable is in the front band to ease pressure points. In the case of a HALO operation, a second microphone port is available for connection to oxygen.

The IV also provides stability and balance for full head movement. When the ear cups are closed, they will compress against the head.The other trains for combat. Feb 21, 47 34 48 Gilbert AZ.

One is a police unit. It may be that Leon Trotsky said it best there is doubt about that"You may not be interested in war, but war is most certainly At the three-day conference focusing on surface warfare, Navy Adm. ISSN Choose between the Multicom 1 and 2. The Swatcom Multicom is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free multi-user wireless system, that allows full natural conversation between workers.

I'm looking to invest in some electronic hearing protection. Personally, I have switched to in-ear plugs because they are more comfortable, allow a full cheek weld on long guns, and provide hearing.

It's difficult to have a conversation with a friend while wearing ear muffs that muffle sound to almost nothing. Its new cup profile is designed specifically for the Advanced Combat Helmet for better fit and improved comfort. No drugs were found [Source: CNN].

Which school do you believe to be better? The SWATCOM Multicom transceiver is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free multi-user wireless system, that allows full natural conversation between workers.

Peltor \u0026 Surefire Ear Protection Review

It's not what they are trained and equipped to do. Different command structure. We maintained our services, satisfying our customers' needs and maintaining partnership with our clients, something which made us the best in two way radio communication solutions, Data network solutions, Navigation solutions and all Power solutions.

Bad guys are of a relative known size, shape and quantity. In a South Carolina high school drug raid, armed SWAT officers forced students as young as 14 to kneel or lie down at gunpoint while drug dogs searched bags and lockers. About This Game Uncompromised duty, honor and valor. Thumb drive vs ssd 3. For shooting ear protection, there is often debate whether the NRR of the Sordin's is up to the task - with compression up to 82dB. Oct 14, 11 My swatcom Active 8 came in and they are great.

With the added features, including being totally submersible and therefor fully waterproof, these headsets meet the demands The SWATCOM Multicom is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free multi-user wireless system, that allows full natural conversation between workers. Tidd said hybrid and complex threats are here to stay on land, sea and every domain, globally.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

We specialize is the supply of safety products for head, face and body for all industries.

swatcom vs comtac

Our main specialty is electronic hearing protection products, enabling the user to continue to maintain communications and protecting their hearing at the same time. Contact us today to see how our solutions could help you.

Holosun have released their catalogs detailing the new products and change The SRS Tactical service department is available for your headset repairs, modifications or special requirements. If you have a particular requirement that you don't see a solution for on our web site, run it by us to see if we can come up with a solution for you. Select store USA Canada. You did not add any promotional products to the cart.

Check your available promo items! With Covid causing increasing concern we would like to reassure our customers that we are currently still open for business as usual. All orders and queries will continue to be handled as efficiently as possible while ensuring the safety of all our staff and customers.

We are finding that due to the increase of orders we are currently taking days to process. We are working hard to reduce this processing time and we appreciate your patience. Should there be any further developments we will of course inform you here immediately.

3M Peltor ComTac III Hearing Protection Headset

In the meantime, we would like to thank you all for your continued custom and wish you all well during this difficult time. A professional standard headset available in a range of colours for Military, Police Operations and Professional Shooters. Click Here. Choose headband or neckband, different cup and fabric colors, gel or foam earseals.

Sordin Arc Rail Attachment. Wireless Bluetooth push back headset and dongle. Provides wireless communication with the flight deck up to metres away from the dongle. View Details. Add to Cart. About Us. Latest Blog. Holosun Product Catalogs. Sordin's Back! MSA Sell the Sordin brand. Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention. Join our mailing list. Get all the latest news and special offers first by subscribing to our newsletter Click here to subscribe. Quick Links.

Connect With Us.Chris Horne tried the new Swatcom Active 8 ear defenders in the field on a day out on the grouse earlier this season. Good job chaps I agree with Chris's review, having had Sordin Pro X for a couple of years and really putting them through their paces they developed a fault and I returned them to Talking Headsets at the beginning of August.

Talking headsets kindly repaired them free of charge, whilst I was there they showed me the Active8's and I bought a pair on the spot, they are not only great headsets but they also keep your ears warm and your cap on, I cannot imaging that headsets could get any better than Active8's. No comments yet Be the first to comment! Plan the best days of your life. About us Advertise with us Testimonials Contact us. Close Menu. Articles Clothing Field testing the Swatcom Active8 ear defenders Chris Horne tried the new Swatcom Active 8 ear defenders in the field on a day out on the grouse earlier this season.

Marketed under the brand Swatcom, the upgrade is designed to the highest possible specification, with the latest ASIC digital technology to ensure the best sound reproduction of any electronic headset of its type in the world.

3M PELTOR ComTac VI NIB Hearing Defender, Headband + ARC, Dynamic Boom Mic

In fact, they're totally submersible. Often, and certainly in the past, ear defenders have been bulky and have been liable to catch the stock of your gun when mounting.

I have had this problem with other brands, but not with these. Our picks from the Purdey Sping and Summer Collection. Get the safari-style with these picks from Purdey's latest clothing collection. What boots do you wear for shooting?

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A good pair of gloves can make the difference between having a great day's shooting and having a dreadful one - here are some of the best on the market. Frank Stephenson took his to an East Anglian foreshore to find out. Reply I agree with Chris's review, having had Sordin Pro X for a couple of years and really putting them through their paces they developed a fault and I returned them to Talking Headsets at the beginning of August. Pleased we could help and glad you like the Acive8!

Reply No comments yet Add a comment.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Availability: In stock. Cell phone cable - 3.

The downleads separate left and right audio traffic. ComTac Tactical Communication Headsets are formulated and constructed specifically for use with firearms and ballistic combat helmets. These headsets feature external microphones with talk-thru capability to maintain situational awareness while still sustaining hearing protection. Army PEO Soldier. The system utilizes a mounting mechanism to connect the headset to the helmet Accessory Rail Connector.

This can be accomplished with a proprietary digital audio circuit integrated into the headset. A microphone will receive sounds outside its headset and transmit those to a speaker inside the headset.

Swatcom Active8 Waterproof Headsets

This Level Dependent Digital Audio Circuit easily senses noise levels above the desired threshold and compresses each to a safe decibel level or amplifies weak sounds to an audible level. This technology resolves that issue and dramatically improves speech intelligibility. ComTac External Communication i. In the unlikely event of electronic failure or battery depletion, external communications will continue to function.

Refer to Chart for Headset descriptions. Select store USA Canada. You did not add any promotional products to the cart. Check your available promo items!

swatcom vs comtac

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Search Advanced…. Thread starter Matthew Start date Jul 2, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Matthew Private. Feb 21, 47 34 48 Gilbert AZ. The ability to get a good cheek weld without breaking the seal is a key factor while shooting scoped bolt guns. Feb 12, Then get the sordins. Never had a cheek weld issue ever. Reactions: RthurRebelirons and gnatmm. Bluewater Private Belligerents. Mar 5, 29 Sordins for me.

I have no problems with cheek weld. The Peltors got in the way at the bottom for me in limited shooting. My friend has them and loves them though. Nov 3, 48 34 Where it snows. I have both. Get the Sordins.